Aztec Two-Step Songbook & Anthology (1994)

A Flock of Seagulls
Almost Apocalypse
Ban Vinai
Better Watch Out
Born Again
Brand New
Cockroach Cacophany
Conversation in a Car
Cosmos Lady
Dancers All
Falling Down Clowns
Faster Gun Finding Somebody New
Give it Away
Good Times Bad Times
Hey Little Mama
Highway Song
Hold Your Dreams Close
Humpty Dumpty
I Don’t Want To Go
I Only Sleep With Strangers
I’m In Love With The Girl On MTV
I’m In Love Again
I’m Sorry
I’m The One
In Your Paintings
Isn’t it Sweet to Think So
It Just Happens That Way
Living in America
Looking For Love
Looking Glass
Lullabye on New York
Loving Game
Move Up to Love
Never Gonna Let You Go
Never Stop
Our Lives
Pajama Party
People are Strange
Rabbit In The Moon
Really Gone
The River
Shanty Town
She So Easy
The Persecution and Restoration of Dean Moriarty
The Infidel
Velvet Elvis
Walking on Air
Waywarding Day
Where’d Our Loving Go
Whiskey Man
You and I
You Who
Your Anybody’s Me
You’ve Got a Way

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