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Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day weekend dear people. There will be an estimated 40 million travelers on America’s various highways and byways of which I and many of you will be among. Did you know that the majority of traffic fatalities occur within a 5-mile radius from home? So be a courteous driver, stay alert; no texting and for heaven’s sake keep your whit’s about you jaywalking!

Well, we scheduled a CD release show at the beautiful Infinity Hall Norfolk for Friday, July 21st but our CD won’t be ready in time. So to compensate for our poor planning, we’re giving away a sweet little “limited edition” 4-song EP from the Naked soundtrack to the first 150 folks who come to the show. We also changed the official release date for the “Naked” video to coincide with our Infinity show. Here’s an excerpt from a glowing review by Scott Mehno of the TMA group. Hope this is indicative of good things to come

“Directed by Jayne Olderman, the video for “Naked” is in keeping with the band’s uplifting perspective, as the song speaks to the angst of the times with its buoyant notion that “with a little push and shove, and a lot of peace and love, maybe we’ll break through.’ A montage of visuals depicts children as the best hope for a brighter future even as we contend with the issues of climate change, broken families, the proliferation of guns and ideological extremism. 

“The clip is cleverly book-ended by recent footage of Rex and Neal stepping out of the same West Village doorways where they were photographed for the cover of the acclaimed self-titled debut Elektra Records album that launched their career. The duo’s enduring partnership has been a notable chapter in the annals of American folk/roc ever since, challenging its conventions while maintaining a potent creative currency for four and a half decades.” 

In case you missed it, mayors from more than 1400 cities gathered at the 85th annual U.S. Conference of Mayors and pledged their support for “establishing a community-wide target of powering communities with 100 percent clean, renewable energy by 2035,” as a means of meeting the targets set by the Paris Agreement on Climate Change – a historic environmental pact from which Mr. Trump has sadly removed us from. 

“The families we represent cannot look to Washington for answers,” conference President and New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu told the mayors in his keynote address. “We cannot simply resist and retreat, we must lead, and we must engage.”  

We can do our part by engaging with our municipalities and by calling the White House directly @ 202-456-1111; and members of Congress @ 202-224-3121. Future generations hang in the balance.

Speaking of New Orleans, here’s a lyric to one of Neal’s three superb songs featured on “Naked” that we’re going to send to Mayor Landrieu in a show of solidarity. Maybe he’ll help get us into his great city’s annual music festival!  

Way Down In New Orleans 
Way down yonder
Way down in New Orleans
There’s a washboard playin’ mama,
They call her the Zydeco Queen
Don’t you know where I mean
Down in New Orleans

They got the Mississippi River
Just lapin’ at the shore
I don’t know why, I never stopped by
This syncopated beat before
Don’t you know where I mean
Down in New Orleans
          I’m sippin’ café au lait, eatin’ Beignet
          Po Boy Muffalleta, Crawfish Etouffee
          All served up on a silver tray
          What you say? What’d you say?
          I say Monday’s rice and beans
          Down in New Orleans

Well I bought me a pound of coffee
With Chicory, comes in a bright red can
Now every time I take a drink, I find myself thinkin’ ‘bout, La Belle, Louisianne 
Don’t you know where I mean
Down in New Orleans…
Way down yonder, way down in New Orleans

Have a safe and joyful summer and blessings to you and all you love…

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