Live & Rare (2-Disc Set)

Live & Rare (2-Disc Set)

Release Date: 2001
Record Label: Red Engine Records
(Includes 10 previously Unreleased Songs from their first thirty years)
2 Discs – 34 Songs

Song Titles:

CD #1CD #2
Hang On
I Didn’t Want to Make You Sad
Now That We’ve Started
Fenway Sunday
Walking On Air
Waywarding Day
Hey Little Mama
Pajama Party
Up In Lilly’s Room
Give It Away
You Who
I’m In Love Again
Finding Somebody New
Dancers All
Times Of Our Lives
I Dont Want to Go Away
Looking Glass
All I Want
Pretty Girls
Brand New
My Heart Wouldn’t Let Me Go
Remembrance Day
Life In The 80’s
Our Lives
The Infidel
Living In America
Velvet Elvis
Better Watch Out (For The Rastafarians)

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