200 Cadillacs CD & DVD (2004)

200 Cadillacs

200 Cadillacs CD & DVD (2004)

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Rex’s documentary film, ‘200 Cadillacs,’ is ALL ABOUT ELVIS PRESLEY’S  extraordinary gift of choice, a shiny new Cadilac car!

“I like Elvis well enough, but I’m not a devotee, and I never thought I’d find this film as compelling as I did.”
~ Leonard Maltin

“This DVD is one of the best documentaries about Elvis, putting the record straight on the man and the Cadillac myth.”
~ Elvis News

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200 Cadillacs (Rex Fowler)
Running With The King  (Jon Pousette-Dart & Rex Fowler)
Blue Cadillac  (The Cucumbers)
Too Tired To Be Elvis Tonight (Heather Eatman)
Tough & Tender (Rex Fowler)
Memphis In The Meantime (sung by Carl Perkins)

Listening To Elvis (Syd Straw)
Velvet Elvis (Rex & Devonsquare)
All Shook Up (sung by The Cucumbers)
The Cadillac Song (Tom Dean)
Hound Dog (sung by Levon Helms & Marvis Staples)

Shine A Little Light On Elvis (Rex Fowler)

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